Infrastructure Development - 2018

  1. Waste water treatment plant
  2. Postoperative unit
  3. Medical ward complex
  4. Isolation unit
  5. Thalassemia unit

New Service Units Started During Year 2017 to December 2018

  • We have walked an extra mile to provide our service by implementing the Diabetic Society and centre and out reach CPR program conducted by Consultant Anesthetist.
  • Pain clinic conducted by Consultant Anesthetist.
  • Mental Health Foundation conducted by Consultant Psychiatric
  • Outreach CPR program

Special activities planed for the year 2018

  1. Sewerage system to be completed
  2. Incinerator to be installed
  3. Rehabilitation unit
  4. Isolation unit (construction going on)
  5. Medical unit completed
  6. Emergency and accident unit( Still planning)
  7. Completion of old OPD building
  8. Extension of medical gas system
  9. Post Op Unit completed
  10. New unit to care of patient with strokes (Still planning)
  11. Expand the Laundry
  12. Clinic Section completed

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